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Currently a sophomore at Northeastern University discovering college with an international perspective

farewell, for now!

It has now been 6 months since I first started my co-op position as a marketing and communications assistant for Northeastern University undergraduate admissions. I am truly sad to leave here after working with such a wonderful group of people. I have loved this job every second of the way and leave here with so much more knowledge about working in such a professional environment.

The end of this co-op means that I probably will not be posting as regularly but I will try to continue writing and taking pictures to post once in a while.

My words of advice if you are looking for a new job or an internship is to never be scared to try something new; it is possible you might end up hating your position but it is all part of the experience. You might also find that you will fall in love with your new job, so never be afraid to try something that you have not necessarily planned for.

Feel free to message me with any questions and advice you might want to have. Have a beautiful summer and never fear the unknown.


New York City

Last weekend I decided to take a trip to New York City. You would be surprised how close it is to Boston. A bus takes 4-5 hours (depending on traffic) to get from one city to another. The ride from Northeastern to South Station takes about 20 minutes, depending on what time the train arrives. I usually take the orange line to downtown crossing and from the Red line.

There are a large number of different bus companies available. I usually take the Lucky Star or the Mega Bus because of their cheap prices. The Lucky Star is a bit sketchy and they always make a 15 minute stop, but the prices are always excellent. Normal tickets are a maximum of $25 one way, but you can usually get discount tickets that are $15. This weekend I had decided to try something new and I bought a Mega Bus ticket which is only cheap if bought in advance. I paid a total of $40; a bit more pricy than Lucky Star but I wanted to check out a new company. The bus was late which was not too good of a sign but it was a nice journey despite the freezing temperature.


Friday night, I got off the bus, freshened up and I went out with some friends in the meatpacking district, the streets were crowded and full of life.


During the day I walked around the city on my own. I walked from my friend’s place (the New Yorker, located on 8th avenue and 34th street) to Washington Square Park. It took me 45 minutes to get there; but walking there and back allowed me to have some exercise and admire the city. I took this picture: (and YES I did use some Instagram filters but look how lovely it turned out!)

Saturday evening I went to my friend’s party in Brooklyn. It was the grooviest apartment I have ever been to. The walls were covered in mirrors! Here is a picture I took at this party:

Sunday: I woke up early and my friend Brooke and I took another walk. We walked from the New Yorker to the Brooklyn Bridge, stopping for brunch, and proceeded to cross the bridge, which we crossed again. We then walked to SoHo where we stopped to watch the World Cup game (United States v. Portugal) and walked back to the New Yorker. We walked for hours and miles but it was worth it, walking around cities is one of my favorite activities.

My bus left Monday morning, it was a beautiful weekend. I just want to emphasize on how accessible New York is from Boston. Maybe next time I will go to Philadelphia, it’s only 1 hour away from New York City. 


If you have read earlier posts, you will know I am on co-op, a 6-month internship. My last two months of co-op are during the Summer 1 course schedule at Northeastern University. Since I am on campus I decided to take two classes: an advanced writing online course and an apocalyptic film class. I was encouraged by some to do this; this decision would mean saving time and money, but I was also discouraged by others. I was told that this would be, ‘too much to handle,’ that it is better to stay focused on one thing at a time in order to succeed. 

After filling out paper work and speaking with my supervisors and advisors, I finally managed make a decision and sign up for these classes.  I have been organized, and even though this means many hours at the library, I believe to have been handling this properly. The point of this post is to encourage you to do things. Yes, too many things at once may be overwhelming, but before you say you can’t do something, try it out first! You would be surprised to know the capacity you have of getting things done once you really put your mind to it. After speaking with friends I realized that many students were doing this! Not everyone was necessarily on co-op but they were taking on other jobs at restaurants for example, and they were also handling it fine. So remember, before deciding you may not handle something, try it out, you might surprise yourself. 

Finally, summer in the city of Boston. It seems like a complete different world when it is warm here. The city is lively and full of people. From bike rides around the Charles River to long walks in the North End, part of me is finally starting to call this place home. I want to paint everything I see and take pictures of all the happy people around me. Please enjoy the images I have posted!

The move in

The Move In

Northeastern’s co-op system is during 6 months. Since my current co-op (internship) is in Boston I have to stay here till the end of June.  A school year here is divided by 4 semesters: Fall, Spring, Summer 1, and Summer 2.

My on campus housing was set till the end of Spring and instead of staying for Summer 1 I decided to move out and live in an off-campus apartment. It was time for my own room and the price is cheaper than the on-campus housing.

The move occurred Thursday-Friday thanks to the help of my good friend Sharon.

Here are three tips about college and travel in general:

  1. Pack lightly! Nobody needs that much stuff. With Sharon’s help it took me overall two trips walking. All of my ‘stuff’ is worth 2 suitcases and one big bin.
  2. Find a friend, and a bin! With the right amount of hands and the large bins that northeastern provides you can easily bring yourself across the campus without needing to pay for a cab or movers. The bins are also free and are easy to push around, no matter how much stuff you have in them.
  3. Subletting is a good option. I personally prefer to sublet, the rooms are already furnished and you don’t have to worry about carrying around furniture. Even those I will be leasing in the Fall, I am going to try and keep the amount of furniture I purchase to a minimum.

There are the main tips I can think of for now, I guess I am officially done with dorm life!


This weekend I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Surprisingly it was my first time there. I love museums; your mind wanders away from your current reality and focuses on the art work and the artists. My friend Lizz was visiting me from New York City, she and I have been best friends since about age 12. We went to the museum at 4 p.m. which was lucky because the last 45 minutes are free so we avoided paying $23. The unlucky thing was that we only had time to explore one exhibit so we had to go through a quick jog around the museum to admire a bit more pieces.

In that quick jog I able to admire some Picasso, Magritte, and really interesting collections from Latin American artists. The exhibit we were really able to admire was the Quilts and Color: The Pilgrim/Roy Collection which is on display until July 27th! Lizz chose this one because she studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology and needs to check out different textures and patterns for her classes. I plan on going again this week but from what I have seen so far it is definitely a must see in Boston!


On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend Northeastern University’s Springfest Concert! Every year our University hosts an amazing concert with great artists. Last year I was able to see Kid Cudi, Cage the Elephant, and the Cults. This year there was the Cold War Kids, Sara Bareilles, and Snoop Dogg! Unfortunately Snoop Dogg arrived late so in the meantime somebody (I really have no idea who) decided to come up on stage and play some Snoop Dogg beats which was very confusing because the crowd who couldn’t see very well kept on thinking it was him.

Finally Snoop Dogg came on and it was an amazing night! Tom Brady was also present at the concert; I guess he is friends with Snoop Dogg? Or should I say Snoop Lion? I have a hard time following this kind of information. Overall, the crowd was wild the entire night despite the strict security. I wonder who will show up next year and if they will be able to top this year’s concert :) 

Northeastern University Global Summit

On Friday I was lucky to participate at Northeastern University’s Global Summit. This summit was called: The Crisis, From Finance to Society. The theme of the summit was the aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crisis. The goal was to understand this issue thanks to world class speakers and the use of the three perspective approach. According to the Global Summit site this approach is a, ‘time frame perspective that aims to educate the audience about the mistakes made in the past, to create awareness of how society has been affected today, and to inspire future generations in taking action to build a better future.’

There were four speakers present; the first, Sean Murphy who supervises Chambers Ireland’s Public Affairs and Stakeholder Partnerships. He is in charge of the development and coordination of the network’s policy agenda as well as the communication with government, political parties, social partners, the media and other policy and decision makers. The following speaker was Alfredo Saenz, former CEO and Vice-Chairman of Banco Santander, followed by Lee Ferridge, Managing Director and the North American Head of Cross-Asset Strategy for State Street Global Markets, and Mark T. Williams, risk management practitioner and academic with two decades of experience. The last speaker was Dean Starkman, managing editor of the Columbia Journalism Review’s The Audit, an online project on financial journalism. All of these speakers told us about themselves and their thoughts on the economy today as well as the crisis of 2008. A Q&A session occurred after each speaker. When Mark T.  Williams and Lee Ferridge were speaking I even decided to ask a question!

I was very nervous about this because I was surrounded by such an intimidating crowd. If you want to know I asked Williams and Ferridge’s thoughts on increasing minimum wage. I know that Ford created the $5 day in 1914 which benefited both the employees and the company because productivity and motivation grew as well as the ability for these employees to buy Ford products. The answer was that socially this was the right thing to do but that there needs to be a better balance in the economy in order to do this. Even though I felt that they didn’t really understand my question (I was very nervous and therefore pronounced a few things wrong) I still very much appreciated the ability to participate in such an event.

There were a few breaks throughout the day that allowed the participants to speak with each other which allowed me to meet some new people and network. I absolutely love these opportunities that come with going to school at Northeastern. This summit was a great learning experience.

During Northeastern University’s Spring Break my friends and I decided to visit Tampa, Florida! We spent 9 beautiful days soaking up the sun in the warm weather. This picture was taken at the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg. We were able to admire many beautiful art pieces and even enjoyed a free opera concert in the middle of the museum! The trip also consisted of a few visits to see a friend at Eckerd College. It was fun to hangout with other college students and exchange stories about college experiences! Us husky ladies all had a great time. We share a passion for traveling and hope to travel again together this summer. Maybe Europe? Let the adventure continue!

During Northeastern University’s Spring Break my friends and I decided to visit Tampa, Florida! We spent 9 beautiful days soaking up the sun in the warm weather. This picture was taken at the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg. We were able to admire many beautiful art pieces and even enjoyed a free opera concert in the middle of the museum! The trip also consisted of a few visits to see a friend at Eckerd College. It was fun to hangout with other college students and exchange stories about college experiences! Us husky ladies all had a great time. We share a passion for traveling and hope to travel again together this summer. Maybe Europe? Let the adventure continue!

Why Northeastern?

This is a question that students are always asked when telling someone what school they attend or where they will be going. The answer to that question can change with time. When applying, you may think you know exactly why you chose Northeastern but when you are actually on campus and you begin your college journey, you will think of many more reasons.

I will share my reasons and the experiences with you throughout my time here as a Northeastern second year student.  I am originally from France, and I moved to Boston after participating in The N.U. in program in London for my first semester freshman year. I am trying to figure out the direction I should take, and for now, I have decided to major in communications and minor in international affairs. This path has brought me to a communications and marketing co-op (Northeastern’s 6 month work experience program) in admissions for Northeastern.

We are all trying to decide what is best for us, and I promise that eventually everything falls into place the way it should. Check out my posts to observe my journey through these stressful but fun times.